Since Donald Trump took office

The last time I posted here, it was Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Since then, a lot has happened that has galvanized Trump’s opponents, cheered his supporters and kept newsrooms like mine on their toes. The new administration doesn’t seem to want to give journalists any downtime.

So what’s an overwhelmed journo to do when he needs to take a break?

If you’re me, you watch TV.  And, I’m not talking cable news. There are a ton of good dramas out there that have nothing to do with the White House.

For example, I just finished “The Night Manager,” the mini-series based on the novel John le Carre published more than 20 years ago. Hugh Laurie, late of “House” fame, is fabulous as rogue arms dealer, Richard Onslow Roper. I fist pumped when he finally got his comeuppance following twists and turns that take viewers from Cairo, to Switzerland, England, Spain, Turkey, and back to Cairo for the finale.

Besides “The Night Manager,” I’m also watching “Black Sails,” the pirate epic that started its final season a few weeks ago, and “Goliath,” with Billy Bob Thornton as a boozy lawyer who is presumably on a path toward redemption.

I’m also streaming “Emerald City.” A co-worker recommended it to me last weekend and I immediately thought it might be a good show to watch with my 15-year-old daughter.

“Emerald City” is an interesting take on Dorothy’s adventures in the land of Oz, but unlike “The Night Manager,” I’m not quite sold on it.

My problem has to do with the German Shepherd Dog that plays Toto. I really want the show-runners to give him something more to do. Instead, it’s as if he’s not even there.

Here’s an idea – let Toto be a dog and bark at a stranger once in awhile!

Is that too much to ask?

And is it too much to ask for my wife NOT to read this post?

She already thinks I waste too much time watching TV. The last thing I need is for her to know exactly how much.

Since Donald Trump took office

Star Trek: Delayed?

I’ve waited this long, so I guess I can wait a while longer.

Seems like CBS All Access is preparing fans for another delay in the upcoming incarnation of “Star Trek.” The following link includes a statement from CBS and some casting news.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Delayed Again, Casts James Frain

If my wife reads this, she will probably sigh heavily – not because she’s looking forward to the new series, but over the fact that I actually thought the show important enough to post about it.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I am the only “Star Trek” fan at my house. I’ve tried to interest my wife over the years, and frankly, the kids have been a disappointment.

Our big dog Rodney doesn’t even show the proper enthusiasm.

And the cats? They’d sooner whine about the food than be caught watching “Star Trek” with me.

I have no one to talk to but you, so tell me what you think about the likely delay in the comments.

Star Trek: Delayed?

You be the judge: Munch or Flintstone

Two things strike me each time I stroll by this tree when I’m out and about with our big dog Rodney –  either an Expressionist artist in the mold of The Scream painter Edvard Munch has moved into the neighborhood or a cave man has.

Naturally, I’m pulling for the Stone Age theory. It would be nice to have a Fred Flintstone type around to deflect attention away from me.

Anyway, I usually stop for a moment to marvel at how the tree sap has formed a unique image.

I’d linger longer but Dino  Rodney usually has other business he needs to care of.




You be the judge: Munch or Flintstone

From the “never works the first time” file

The garage door opener I keep in my car actually worked the first time I clicked it this morning.

That never happens.

Usually, I have to press the button on the remote at least a couple dozen times before I get any sort of satisfaction. It’s infuriating, especially when you’re running late.

Even more annoying?


Over-clicking happens when you look away momentarily only to have the doors begin moving. Or when you click so fast and so furious it’s hard to stop in time.

Just one extra click brings the whole process to a halt and the garage door apparatus goes back to “ignore” mode. It’s as if one of our cats has somehow seized control and is deciding at random on when to allow the doors to move.

I’ve sat in my car time and again and over-clicked. My index finger hurts just thinking about it.

The problem is with the remote control. It’s decrepit. When it’s not falling apart in my hand, it’s not signaling the doors to open properly.

Replacing it is the obvious thing to do. But that would require I spend a little money and I’m too cheap for that.

So at least for now, if you see me sitting in my car outside my house for no apparent reason, you know why. And keep your fingers crossed that I don’t over-click.


From the “never works the first time” file

Car update

In case you were wondering – yes, I did the happy dance Friday evening.

My car is parked in its customary spot in the garage.

Knowing it’s there waiting for me to take it out for a spin completes me. I’m back to being able to go anywhere I want, when I want – a welcome change after driving a rental that made me feel as if I needed to keep it as pristine as my wife keeps the house just before her parents come over for a visit.

It’s hard to believe my car spent much of last week at the body shop. Our college son came home for the holidays, wrecked it and then fled back to school leaving me to deal with the aftermath.

But that’s in the past.

My wheels are mine again.

There’s just one catch.

My car has a new odor.

I’d like to report that the body shop guys restored that “new car” smell while they were installing a new front bumper and fixing the crinkle in the hood.

But I can’t.

It’s more like that “new paint” smell.

I doubt the fumes are strong enough to get me arrested for driving under the influence, but for the time being, I’m driving around with the windows cracked.

It may be cold outside, but I just got my car back. The last thing I need is my driver’s license taken away.



Car update

I want my car back

This afternoon, I’m anxiously   patiently waiting for news about my car.

If you’re following along, you know that my son wrecked it before Christmas. If not, you can read about it here, on my wife’s blog.

Word of warning: while the above link is hardly NSFW, the accident DID catch me with my pants down, a fact my wife clearly reveled in recounting.

Anyway, I dropped off my car at the body shop on Monday and have been driving a rental this week. It’s a Hyundai Sonata.

The Sonata is a decent car, but it’s not mine.

Mine is a Kia Forte and it’s supposed to be ready this afternoon. At least, that’s what John at the body shop told me yesterday.

He also assured me he’d call when he was ready for me to fetch it.

But he hasn’t … yet.

And now I’m anxious – as anxious as our dog Rodney gets when my wife leaves for work. He carries on so much, you’d think the fate of the universe hinges on her return.

My car isn’t that integral to the survival of the species, but you can bet I’ll make like Rodney and do the welcome home dance when I finally get it back.

I want my car back

Belated New Year Post

This may come as a jaw-dropper, but I’ve finally decided to put down the remote to the new Smart TV my wife got me for Christmas.

Don’t worry – there’s no need to rush me to the emergency room or anything remotely like that.

I just need a break.

Since Christmas, I’ve binge watched everything from Netflix’s “The Crown” to Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle,” to Syfy’s “The Expanse.” Just yesterday, I finished the last several episodes of AMC’s “Hell on Wheels.” They were finally made available on Netflix this week.

But now that we are nearly two weeks into 2017, it’s time I step away from the TV and see to what I’ve been neglecting.

Take this blog, for instance.

When I fired up my laptop this morning, I discovered that I hadn’t posted since before Christmas. And even then it was to reblog a post by my wife on the milestone our college son crossed while he was home for the holidays.

He wrecked my car.

The accident was his first. And again, no need to worry – no one was injured, not even bruised – unless you count the cars involved. The guys at the body shop are putting a new bumper on mine and fixing a crinkled hood.

The point is, I have not been diligent when it comes to blogging. So when I got up this morning, I resolved not to turn on the TV today and set about revamping this space on the internet.

I’ve changed themes and gotten rid of some of the clutter to make my home on the web more readable.

Maybe my efforts will motivate me to post more often in 2017.

Or maybe not.

My new Smart TV is looking forlorn.


Belated New Year Post