The morning chirp

Woke up this morning to the birds outside my open bedroom window.

They were happily carrying on quite a conversation.

I don’t speak bird, but I gleaned this much from all their avian chirping: their enthusiasm for the day ahead.

It was infectious.

Their joy almost motivated me to throw my pole in the car and set out for the fishing hole I scouted yesterday.

I settled for a cup of coffee on our front stoop.

I’m terrible at catching fish.

Already proved it once this week.

No use ruining an otherwise peaceful morning by getting fired up about the prospect of reeling in something other than a waterlogged stick.



One thought on “The morning chirp

  1. I also have birds outside my window every morning doing their daily chirping session. But the difference is the ones outside my window start about 4:30 or 5 a.m. If it’s the early bird who catches the worm, these birds must be fat. One more thing, I am also from Charleston, WV, or actually, Belle (DuPont High School class of 1995, yes I graduated with Randy Moss) I was looking up the old Charlies logo and found your article from 2013 about taking your boy to watch the Nats. I live in Baltimore now but go home quite often. I went to a few Charlie’s games before they left town, although I was very young. My best memory is sitting on the third base line right behind the visitors dugout and one of the players push a ball under the fence for me. My mom says I was scared at first, but I loved that ball. I played with it for years to come until it had no thread. It was nice to read your article about it.

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