Since Donald Trump took office

The last time I posted here, it was Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Since then, a lot has happened that has galvanized Trump’s opponents, cheered his supporters and kept newsrooms like mine on their toes. The new administration doesn’t seem to want to give journalists any downtime.

So what’s an overwhelmed journo to do when he needs to take a break?

If you’re me, you watch TV.  And, I’m not talking cable news. There are a ton of good dramas out there that have nothing to do with the White House.

For example, I just finished “The Night Manager,” the mini-series based on the novel John le Carre published more than 20 years ago. Hugh Laurie, late of “House” fame, is fabulous as rogue arms dealer, Richard Onslow Roper. I fist pumped when he finally got his comeuppance following twists and turns that take viewers from Cairo, to Switzerland, England, Spain, Turkey, and back to Cairo for the finale.

Besides “The Night Manager,” I’m also watching “Black Sails,” the pirate epic that started its final season a few weeks ago, and “Goliath,” with Billy Bob Thornton as a boozy lawyer who is presumably on a path toward redemption.

I’m also streaming “Emerald City.” A co-worker recommended it to me last weekend and I immediately thought it might be a good show to watch with my 15-year-old daughter.

“Emerald City” is an interesting take on Dorothy’s adventures in the land of Oz, but unlike “The Night Manager,” I’m not quite sold on it.

My problem has to do with the German Shepherd Dog that plays Toto. I really want the show-runners to give him something more to do. Instead, it’s as if he’s not even there.

Here’s an idea – let Toto be a dog and bark at a stranger once in awhile!

Is that too much to ask?

And is it too much to ask for my wife NOT to read this post?

She already thinks I waste too much time watching TV. The last thing I need is for her to know exactly how much.

One thought on “Since Donald Trump took office

  1. Giles, West Virginians have a reputation for spending their time off (if they’re ever on) smoking, eating fried chicken and doughnuts, and watching cable tv.

    You live and work where walking is pretty nice, whether the foothills of the Alleghenies or the street of the City of Power.

    I think, though, that I could get into seeing Hugh Laurie getting his.

    I don’t have cable tv, so I’ll have to let that show pass. While I take a hike.


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