Room 304

Most West Virginians will get why I’m encouraged that my son and I stayed in room “304” at the hotel in Morgantown last night.

For those who don’t, “304” is a shorthand way to refer to West Virginia. It used to be the area code for the entire state. 

I’m not necessarily a big believer in auguries, but I’ll take this one as a sign of good things as my son begins his college career. 

We are moving him into his dorm room today at West Virginia University.

One thought on “Room 304

  1. Hey, why did the 1,000 year flood leave out Clay and Webster counties. Both suffered as badly if not worse than Greenbriar County and Kanawha. It was five days after the flood before Clay county got any water. There is a guy some where in Webster county whose property at the bottom of a hollow is a Covered in debris full of dead animals, propane tanks and as last I heard no one would clear it, not the national guard, the big crew FEMA brought in for such jobs, nor the state. If not them who? It is blocking a stream or creek and every time it rains his house floods again. A man, his wife, daughter and 5 month old grandbaby all in this forever wet house with no where for them to go.

    There are more stories than this out here Sent from my iPhone


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