In case you were wondering where I was this morning

I’m usually sleep-deprived during weekends.

My job requires that I roll out of bed insanely early on Saturdays and Sundays to prepare to deliver the latest news for radio listeners. It’s a zombie-like existence. The only thing missing is a mess of brains for breakfast.

But today I’m fairly well-rested. I took the weekend off and actually slept-in … until 6am.

Yes, that’s sleeping in for me. For once, the sun got up before I did.

Instead of heading to the newsroom this morning, my daughter and I picked up one of my cronies and the three of us drove out to Antietam National Battlefield to perform our annual Fourth of July ritual – the laying of the tarps.

In other words, we staked out our spot for tonight’s annual Salute to Independence concert by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

We’ll be there with several thousand of our friends.

My daughter helpfully circled our spot in the picture. If you’re planning on being there this evening, feel free to say hello.

Happy Fourth of July.




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