Either I’ll have a luxurious lawn or I’ve just fed the birds

Actually, my efforts will probably wash away with the weather that’s moving into our neighborhood this evening, but I had to give it a shot.

And, why not?

I’ve attempted everything else to encourage grass to replace the weeds in our yard. Plus, our neighbors already think I’m a little loony, anyway. One more crazy move isn’t going to hurt my reputation.

When I arrived home from work today, I raked the yard, got my spreader out and seeded it. Image

Now, I’m waiting on the snow that’s supposed to fall tonight. We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory. Forecasters say we’re in line for up to four inches.

If the Internet is right (and it’s always right, right?), the snow expected tonight will cover the grass seed I’ve spread and keep it away from the birds. Then as it melts, the seeds will tuck themselves into the ground where they will germinate in abundance this spring and give my wife the lawn she’s always wanted, but I’ve always failed to give her.

That’s the theory, anyway.

I have no idea if it will work, but it sounds good. And, my wife is happy that I’m at least making a good faith effort at keeping our yard from becoming the embarrassment of the neighborhood … again.

No matter what happens, it is a “known known,” as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once said, that I will be dragging my clunky lawn mower out of the garage sometime this spring.

The “known unknown” is, will I be cutting more grass than weeds or the other way around?

In any case,  “you cut the lawn you have, not the lawn you want or wish to have at a later time.”

Rumsfeld said that, too, right?

I just hope I don’t have to quote him to my wife later this spring when she asks why our yard doesn’t have any grass in it.


6 thoughts on “Either I’ll have a luxurious lawn or I’ve just fed the birds

  1. Mulch, I gave up and mulched my front yard. Mulch comes in different colors now. I use black and dark brown for the flower beds and dark rust for the lawn. It works for me. 🙂

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