The Commute Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

The commute between my home in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle and my job in Washington, D.C., has lately seemed more like a trek for which I could use a Sherpa guide.

And now, more wintry weather is expected just as I’m due back tomorrow morning after a couple of days off.

The Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang” characterizes the storm we’re supposed to get this weekend as more of a “nuisance.”

But when you live as far away from your job as I do, a “nuisance” can quickly turn into a major migraine. And, after what I’ve been through on the commute lately, I’m not looking forward to even a hint of inclement weather.

For example, here’s what I-270 looked like from my windshield last Sunday at around midday.

This is a little further along my commute, on I-70 heading west on Maryland’s Braddock Mountain.

It was even tougher getting home Tuesday morning after having worked the overnight. This is I-70W heading up South Mountain. The big rigs were having trouble. Some had to be towed in order to get going again. 

Before you start criticizing, I know I’m not supposed to take pictures, much less tweet, while driving. But I wasn’t really driving. The interstate was more like a parking lot at the time.

And, while I may not end up frozen in my tracks tomorrow, that doesn’t mean I’m not hiring.

Do you know anyone around here who can blaze a trail through a snowstorm as well as a Sherpa?  I’m looking for somebody who can get me down off the mountain and back in one piece.


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