It’s Okay if My Wife Does it

My wife and I have a long-standing rule – we don’t publish blog posts or newspaper columns about each other without first seeking permission.

I came up with the rule when I started writing my newspaper column a few years ago. It has since been extended to her work.

Up until now, the rule has worked out well with the major benefit being collaboration –  we each are able to add details of our life together that the other hadn’t considered.

The rule makes both of us better.

But that’s not the original reason I came with it. It was more about self-preservation.

Simply put, the rule keeps me out of the dog house. If I write about something my wife finds too embarrassing, it’s either thrown into the trash can or revised to her satisfaction.

But I found out today that it’s not always equally applied.

My wife broke it today. 

Find out how by following the link below to her latest post for “The Mommyhood” blog published by our hometown newspaper, The Charleston Daily Mail.

But first, let me just say this in response – if I had broken the rule, I’d be sleeping with our huge dog Rodney tonight. Since she broke it, she’s sleeping with him.

Unfortunately, that’s not much of a punishment for her. She doesn’t mind waking up in the morning with a dog’s butt in her face.

My Embarrassing Husband (and Truths about Marriage).


6 thoughts on “It’s Okay if My Wife Does it

  1. I would rather have a man who cares “too much” about the safety and security of my family and our experiences than a man who is concerned about people laughing at him. You rock on with your bad self, Giles. (And I think that dog butt thing was the pay back. Ewwww.)

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