Riding In Cars With Dogs

There’s nothing like rolling down the windows on a nice cool, sunny day.

Just ask our big, goofy and incredibly excitable dog Rodney.


He never misses the opportunity to go for a ride. He lives for the wind in his face and all the smells of our town that blow straight up his nose.

What’s not to love?

The destination, that’s what.

We were going to the Vet.

10 thoughts on “Riding In Cars With Dogs

  1. Love the photo. It’s a bit like when you’ve driven passed a nasty traffic jam and you see these poor unsuspecting motorists cruising along at speed ignorant of what lies ahead. My dog is a real sad case when he goes to the vet. They tried puffing one of his vaccines up his nose and that was a major drama but nothing quite like trying to get him onto the scales. I think he knew they were trouble. He gets what you could call “too much love”!!!!

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