Bubble Girl

This week I did what any good dad would do when he discovers his ten-year-old daughter made the front page of the paper.  I immediately posted the picture on Facebook.  Here’s the pic ….

And, here’s the link …

Helping Children Succeed – journal-news.net | News, sports, jobs, community information for Martinsburg – The Journal

The picture shows my daughter engulfed in a soap-bubble.  She and her BFF were at an event aimed at promoting kids’ health.  It was sponsored, at least in part, by my wife’s employer, United Way of the Eastern Panhandle.

Now, leaving aside our mere presence on FB,  kid pics posted by parents are what makes FB so uncool. But that’s what Facebook has become.  A place for parents to show off and embarrass their children at the same time.

So, that’s what I did.  Then I settled in for the comments.

They were complimentary, as expected.

“What a lovely girl,” one said.  Another implied that it was a good thing she takes after her mother (can’t argue with that).

Then I got a couple of comments questioning how long I planned to keep my daughter in the bubble.

My answer?

It’s pretty simple.

It’s the same one every dad would give.

For as long as possible. 

Unfortunately, she’s probably already burst it and I just don’t know it yet.  I’m always the last to know anything.


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