The Shorts Are Back!

My favorite shorts of all time are back.

After at least 15 years of wondering just what happened to them, they made their reappearance during last minute preparations for this year’s annual neighborhood yard sale.

My wife says she found them in the bottom of a big black trunk we have downstairs.

She says she was looking for stuff to sell.

That’s what she says.

I think if I hadn’t been around she would have tried to sell them.

She apparently decided that nobody would ever buy them  and so brought them upstairs and into the light of day once more.

“I found these downstairs,” she said tossing them to me, with a broad smile on her face.  “I figured you’d want ’em.”

She tried to act like she was just as surprised to find them as I was to have them back.

But I know better.

I think she’s known all along where they were.

She says she doesn’t remember but I suspect she hid them.

She’s always hated those shorts.

When I first bought them during a road trip to Pittsburgh, she laughed and made fun of me when I wore them.

Her attitude eventually turned to disdain and then, after a while, they disappeared.

I thought they were mouldering away in a landfill somewhere.  But apparently they are back in style so my wife says I can wear them again.


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