Bicycling the Panhandle

I’ve been riding a bicycle for fitness for a couple of years now.  But like just about anything I do that requires some physical effort, I’ve been less than diligent.

So now that the roads are clear of snow and warmer temperatures are here, I’ve come up with a new strategy to keep my bum in the saddle. I’ve decided to try to keep the fun in cycling this summer and emphasize the fitness less.  In other words, the workout is welcome and lord knows I need it, but not at the expense of what attracts me to cycling in the first place — the opportunity to see things I’d otherwise never know were there because I sped by them trying to beat the clock on my bike or riding in my car.

In that spirit here is a map and pictures of an 11.5 mile loop I do from my Martinsburg, WV home.  I’m planning to post my other regular routes and pics this summer and some of my other cycling adventures as well.  By the way, the map is my first attempt at creating such a thing.  I may or may not get better at it.

Thatcher Road Loop in a larger map

These horses are about five minutes by bike from my house.

Ruins of an old stone house just outside Martinsburg, WV.  There’s a cemetery nearby.

View along Lost Road of Tuscarora Creek.

 Subdivisions like this one along Lost Road are gobbling up farmland.

Farmer’s Market — nice place to stop for fruits and veggies.

Apple Orchards are all over the place in WV’s Eastern Panhandle.  This one is along Thatcher Road. The trees will be blooming soon.

Horses along Thatcher Road.

Look closely for the mountain biker …

Near the mouth of Thatcher Road.

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