A Country Editor Abroad

This artwork is taken from a book written by my great-grandfather, the long time editor of the old Shepherdstown Register. The book is a collection of letters he wrote to his readers describing his adventures while on a tour of Europe and the Middle East. It was published in 1931.

My uncle had a copy of it and several libraries around West Virginia have it in their collections.

I coveted the book for a long time and finally found a copy for sale last year. It was in the hands of a rare book collector in Connecticut.

Here’s what my great grandfather offered in his forward to the book:

“The observations and experiences of ‘A Country Editor Abroad’ were published in the Shepherdstown Register as a series of letters from its editor, with no thought of printing them in book form. They were recieved so kindly, however, by its readers, and so many suggestions that they be printed in a booklet were made, that the author has ventured to comply with the requests for copies and so publishes them in this unpretentious little volume. The several chapters are just as the letters were published, and no effort has been made to change them from what they were originally — a series of articles for a country newspaper — or to aspire to high literary ability.”


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