It’s All About the Food!

It’s a good thing I called my wife just after getting my hair cut this morning.

Otherwise, I’d be feeling like a bad dad right now.

You see, I promised my ten year old son Shepherd quite some time ago that I’d show up for his school awards assembly. Those events are held four times a year – – just after report cards are sent home.

Usually, I can’t go because of work. (Before you say that I’m merely copping out let me mention that I drive at least 90 minutes just to GET to work, so it’s not like I can take an early lunch or something.)

Today, however, was different. I had the day off.

But I neglected to check my calendar.

If not for my lovely wife I would have totally failed in my one and only obligation of the day.

As it was, I only partially failed.

I was late.

But I think I redeemed myself a little.

Shepherd seemed genuinely surprised and pleased to see me when I poked him in the back as he was lining up to go back to class. But not necessarily all that excited about showing me what you would expect — his honor roll certificate or his perfect attendance award.

No. What he was really juiced about was the ultimate reward. The real trophies. The spoils of his victory.

Coupons from Domino’s and Chi-Fil-A.

I could launch into a rant now about how schools promote healthy eating habits with one hand then give away coupons for junk food with the other, but I won’t.

The point is, my son is seriously motivated by food.

This is a kid who began losing interest in Cub Scouts after they stopped serving snacks and goes to Sunday School without complaint because he gets a cookie or two afterwards.

I guess it could be worse. At least he’s motivated by something. And if the promise of a really good snack is all it takes in return for straight A’s, then I say, “Let’s all eat cake!”

Or, in our case, the pizza we had for dinner tonight … thanks to my son’s coupon, of course.



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