The Dishwasher Reloaded

I must apologize for not posting the end of the story sooner. I know you’ve been waiting patiently (perhaps nervously even) for news about my epic struggle to restore order to my home.

Is the new dishwasher now working? Or did I kill myself in a pool of water while wiring it because I didn’t follow the advice of my friends and flip the darn breaker?

First, let me say that I’ve emerged relatively unscathed from the weekend installation (except for the somewhat painful scratch on my big toe which I don’t want to talk about). I did, indeed, remember to make sure the breaker was turned to the off position. And, despite silence on the matter from my friends, I even remembered to turn the water off.

A promising start, you say? Yes, but there was one big snafu. It had to do with one of those thingamajigs that are key to the process but are never around when you need one. Or, in this case, around initially, but allowed to escape my grasp.

I’ll start at the beginning.

While I was unhooking the old dishwasher on Saturday, I remember thinking that I really should take off that little brass elbow joint that connects it to the water supply. But I only thought about it briefly and allowed the delivery guys to haul away the old workhorse with said elbow joint still attached.

Big mistake.

Turns out those doohickeys are sort of important.

I was still undaunted, though, and thought a quick trip to Lowe’s would remedy the problem. I tore my ten year old son from his video games and set out. He wasn’t happy. He’s not yet discovered the pleasures of a trip to Lowe’s. But, then again, testosterone hasn’t kicked in yet.

You can probably guess what happened next. It’s predictable. In two separate trips to Lowe’s, I twice picked up the wrong thingamajig causing great annoyance on the home front. I finally gave up late Saturday afternoon. Frustrated, I took a nap.

On Sunday, I set out for Lowe’s … again. I confidently (perhaps desperately is a better word) stepped up to three guys in the appliance department and told them that if I could just get a look at my old dishwasher my problem would be solved. I was hoping it hadn’t yet been hauled off to the junk yard, allowing me a chance to rip the old elbow joint from it.

They deflated me.

Laughing, one of them steered me down the same aisle in which I had spent so much time the previous day and immediately plucked the elbow joint I needed from the display. It was one I had earlier dismissed as being unsuitable.

So I have once again embarrassed myself at Lowe’s. But, happily, all has turned out well. The new dishwasher is now humming along nicely. It didn’t blow up when I turned the power back on and there are no water leaks.

Now, for the laundry machine. It’s been making weird noises lately.

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