The Dishwasher

I was still optimistic our dishwasher could be fixed even after I broke the door.

“Bite the bullet and buy a new one,” my wife said.

I probably should have taken her advice but who wants to spend money on a new dishwasher when the holidays are right around the corner?

We discovered the door wasn’t latching properly a couple days ago, a major obstacle if you want clean dishes.

Actually, my wife discovered the problem. By the time I noticed it she had been reduced to attempting to spark some life into the machine by bumping the door with her hip, pounding on it with the palm of her hand or standing back and kicking it with the flat of her foot. And, even if she got it running there was no guarantee it would keep going. Invariably, the door would jiggle its way loose halfway through its cycle and come to an unsatisfying stop.

Since I’m partial to clean dishes, I studied the problem and determined it COULD be an easy fix. Then I promptly put any repair out of my reach by tearing the door from its hinges when the dishwasher stubbornly wouldn’t come out of its cave beneath the kitchen counter.

I should have bitten the bullet but, like I said, I was still optimistic and insisted on calling the fix-it guy and having him charge me 60 bucks for a verdict.

I like our repair dude. He often comes to my house to fix things. He appears to have all the right tools, shows up when he says he will and has no hesitation in taking apart whatever appliance I have that happens to be on the fritz. But, after careful inspection and some genial conversation, his pronouncement is always the same.

This time he was sitting on my kitchen floor in front of my broken dishwasher when he peered over the rim of his glasses and gravely said it would be best to get a new one. Even if he fixed the door, he warned me, it would probably leak. But he did make me feel a little better by saying it was a good thing that I broke the door, anyway. He showed me evidence that it had already been leaking, undetected, for some time. A small leak, but a leak nonetheless.

Within a half hour of writing the 60-dollar check and seeing the repairman off, I made the trip to the appliance store that I had attempted to avoid. I picked out a new dishwasher, one that matches our fairly new refrigerator, but was appalled at what they wanted to install it.

So, rather than give them an extra 130-dollars, I’ve resolved to do the job myself.

We’ll see how THAT turns out.

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